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From APNAGAR we address global attention, both to the immigration problems that immigrants may have, as well as special attention to victims of gender violence or victims of domestic violence.


Our purpose is to help foreign people, whatever their origin, in order to achieve their social and labor integration.


It is open to anyone who wants to access it in order to request help for problems, by reason of being a victim of gender violence, domestic violence, refugee or immigrant.


Non-profit association, which is governed by the provisions of Organic Law 1/2002 of March 22 and Law 7/2007 of June 22 in accordance with the provisions of articles 9 and 10.13 of the Statute of Autonomy from the Basque Country.


What are the aims of our association?


Facilitate social, legal and labor integration for people who are victims of gender violence, victims of domestic violence and trafficking in human beings.


Facilitate social, legal and labor integration for refugees.


Facilitate social, legal and labor integration for immigrants.


Receive our help by becoming our partner

  • All kinds of aid
  • Free legal information


What activities will we carry out as an association?

Provide legal assistance delivering with all types of legal information.


Organize different events where we can be better known as an association and the work we do.

Advise the relatives of a foreign citizen who died in Spain to transport their mortal remains to their country of origin with the help of insurance companies.


Advise on any process as rooting or asylum to foreign citizens.

Facilitate interpretation and translation for people with difficulties with Spanish.


Help people obtain the minimum knowledge necessary to pass the DELE and CCSE exams necessary to obtain Spanish nationality.


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You can also approach our office

On Wednesdays from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., in the Tabakalera center of Donostia-San Sebastian.

  • Andre Zigarrogileak Plaza 1, 20012 Donostia-San Sebastian, Guipuzkoa
  • +34 634 844 700
  • +34 943 059 700
  • +34 688 858 897
  • [email protected]